Royal Palm Beach Dryer Vent Cleaning

Royal Palm Beavh dryer vent cleaning

According to the U.S. Fire Administration Reports, there are close to 12,700 dryer fires reported on an annual basis. Most of these fires can be stopped if the clothes dryer efficiency is improved. Royal Palm Beach Air Conditioning has a dedicated unit focused on cleaning clothes dryer vent systems for homeowners all across the village and beyond.

What Causes a Clogged Dryer Vent System?

In the cause of the clothes drying process, the dryer ventilation system builds up with lint which ultimately clogs the entire system. The complex construction of new homes tends to have dryers positioned away from an outside wall. This means the dryers are vented longer distances thereby creating more bends and twists in the vent through the home. This additional length creates more spaces for animals and birds to hide as well for lint to collect.

Also, the kind of material used to make dryer vents such as foil ducts and flexible plastics can easily crush at the points where they exit the dryer and enter the floor or wall. This makes them sag and allow lint to build up at the low points compared to dryer vents made from approved flexible metal ducts or ridge metal.

Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vent System

The lint and debris that build up in the dryer vent can potentially block airflow thereby creating hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide intrusion in the case of gas clothes dryers or even cause exhaust fires.
When clothes are dried the water vapor together with lint is carried through the exhaust stream and out via the ventilation duct. When lint builds up in the exhaust duct, the ability of your dryer to expel the heated water vapor is reduced. This causes heat to accumulate within your dryer machine causing it to overheat and develop other mechanical failures. Ultimately, the heat buildup triggers sparks which causes the lint in the dryer vent to burst into flames.

Royal Palm Beach Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners

Because most homeowners don’t have the right equipment or the technical knowhow to properly clean their dryer vents, it’s important to get in touch with experts dryer vent cleaners. We have a team of uniformed technicians who use powerful vacuum equipment to clean your dryer vent system. Royal Palm Beach Air Conditioning specialists use high pressure air and state-of-the-art tools to dislodge debris and dirt from long vent runs, elbows, crevices and bends. This ensures the entire length of your dryer vent system right from the dryer all the way to the outside of your home is cleaned thoroughly.

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