Royal Palm Beach Coil Cleaning

Royal Palm Beach Coil Cleaning
Royal Palm Beach Coil Cleaning

Royal Palm Beach Air Conditioning is your contractor of choice when it comes to coil cleaning. We clean both the evaporator coils and condenser coils with an aim of enhancing the cooling ability of your HVAC unit. Dirty coils can interfere with the energy efficiency and lifespan of your system. With the right equipment to access units that are over 500 feet away from the water source, our technicians can assure you of the best coil cleaning experience.

Filter Maintenance and Fin Straightening

Cleaning your coils without addressing your filters and fins can be counterproductive because crooked fins and clogged filters can negatively affect the breathing of your coil due to interrupted air flows. Our staffs are trained to handle filter maintenance and fin straightening as part of the entire coil cleaning process. In the performance of our service, we observe all the safety requirements to ensure you are not only protected, but also have the peace of mind that the contractors have your interests at heart.

Our Coil Cleaning Approach

We have two advanced coil cleaning approaches that have been developed following years of research and stakeholder input. These processes are water-cooled condenser cleaning and air-cooled coil cleaning.

Water-Cooled Condenser Cleaning

In this process, your unit is first inspected by our team of professionals so that they can establish the appropriate fittings and piping for the cleaning exercise. In the event the units under inspection have corrosion on pipes and oxidation, our technicians’ address these first before the cleaning process begins.

In order to isolate the coil from the tower, the supply and return water piping system from the tower is shut at the shut off valves. Thereafter, our technicians hook up a customized recirculating pump to the supply and return lines and subsequently circulate the chemical in the opposite direction to that of the water tower flow. This process breaks up and eats away any blockage in the pipes. Once the process is complete, we dilute all chemical with fresh water and flush it out.

The shut off valves to the water tower are reopened, the unit is switched on and the head pressure leadings are taken to ensure proper cleaning.

The Air-Cooled Coil Cleaning

This process uses air as opposed to water for cleaning purposes. Before the cleaning exercise begins, the unit is shutdown right from the disconnection switch and thermostat. The access panels to the coil system are then removed. The condenser and evaporator coils are vacuumed thoroughly and sprayed on both sides using a special cleaning chemical that is non-abrasive to dislodge and eat away any blockage or dirt.

Both sides of the coils are then pressure-washed at a 45 degree angle until the coil is cleaned and all air passages have been unblocked. The drain lines, pump lines, and drip pads are also cleaned as part of the process before the unit is put back to its initial settings.

Having partnered with the leading brands in the market, we understand every component of coil systems and therefore you can rely on us for professional coil cleaning. Contact us today via phone (561-401-0429) or email to schedule an appointment.

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